A Dose of Dijana: The Old, the New & the One that Works the Most

For me, two things mark the beginning of the New Year.

1) The holidays following NYE, a wonderful time to go back to old traditions and spend some quality family time;

2) The resolutions we all firmly set in place that are so big, they’re bound to change our lives in mere days, let alone weeks. *rolls eyes*

If you think about it, this is the almost perfect oxymoron – each January, the beginning of everything new, we get to go back to our old traditions.

Before you get lost, let me explain a few things.

We celebrate Christmas and every other Christmas-y holiday after the New Year, which yes, I am well aware it doesn’t make sense but it’s the different religious calendar we follow – though I’m not writing from the past, we still follow the rest of the world for everything else, for anyone asking.

In fact, January is so full of religious holidays that go as bank holidays, you could easily get lost if you’re not aware of what’s going on. In fact, just yesterday, on the 19th of January, while the rest of the world has pretty much forgotten about the holiday euphoria, there was one more holiday, rounding up the third long weekend this month alone!  

On the other side, as January is stretching to infinity and back, everyone’s writing down – in red ink and big, bold letters! – all resolutions we swore we’ll keep in place this year. My list, apart from the offline thing I wrote last time, goes something like this:

  1. Cut the carbs back to pre-holiday levels and wave the Milka Oreo goodbye – I can eat that thing for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  2. Get a Kindle and see if you read more fiction that way – one of my dearest friends lent me her Kindle! *she’ll read this now and smile – yay!*
  3. Stop procrastinating on the most basic of tasks and organize your schedule better – or in other words, stop scrolling on Instagram when you’re supposed to be working. And enough with the Instagram polls already – stop encouraging people to support your bad life choices!

*thanks everyone for voting NO whenever I don’t feel like doing the dishes, appreciate it!*

Sounds easy, right?

I’ve always managed to keep my diet – more or less – in check. Don’t buy chocolate = don’t eat chocolate.

I love books and I enjoy reading – and I was thrilled when I got my hands on a Kindle, couldn’t wait to write a comparison between Kindles and real books.

And I’m known to always be meticulously organized and on time, every time.

Add a bit of determination – and we all know I have plenty of that – a pinch of humor, some brand new ideas and you’ve got the perfect formula for success, at least as far as  NY resolutions are concerned.


So how come my New Year’s resolutions came crashing hard down?

Well, between the old and the new, between centuries-old tradition and the magic of fresh beginnings, life happens meanwhile and life isn’t always throwing you good things only – so you’ve got to find the balance that works the most for you.

I’m not going to talk about it because it is the only thing I talk about lately. The important thing is that I’m alright and things will get better – here’s some hoping that will happen soon!

As for now…

I still eat the occasional chocolate – but realised my body needs all the strength it can get, so I’m trying to eat plenty of good things.

I cut myself some slack and allow more leisure time – a few extra memes never hurt anyone.

I tried reading on a Kindle but you know what? Apart from the fact that it’s lighter than a real book, I like reading real-life books more. Maybe I’ll give the Paperwhite edition a try and see if I like that one more.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, if you take a look at my wonderful host’s homepage, you’ll read a description I find genius every time I read it – Books: reading them, writing them, and using them to balance a wobbly table.

… using them to balance a wobbly table.


And because my life feels pretty wobbly right now, I use and plan on using even more books to hmm… balance things out. *wink, wink*


Fiction or non-fiction, the books I’ve started piling up already will keep me company on the days ahead when my “table” will need all the support it can get: for now, I’ve got the Tribe of Mentors and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck in my shopping cart.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’ve shifted my perspective and look at it as some time off – how else would’ve I managed to find the time to read all the books I wanted to?

Everything happens for a reason – and until I see the bigger picture a few months or years ahead, I’ll just look at this as a way to go back to my bookwormish roots. There are worse things in life, eh?

Oh – and feel free to drop a comment and tell me about some awe-inspiring books you think I should read. Everything motivational, childish, witty, and with plenty of good laughs is more than welcome on my shelves!

NB: The blog post was scheduled to publish on Orthodox Christmas Eve but was postponed at the request of the writer and goes live two weeks later. The writer would like to thank her family, V., her super-duper friends, & the best clients in the world for being full of understanding, supportive, and pretty much darn awesome at all times!


Is there anything YOU would like me to talk about? If that’s so, leave us a comment and let us know – I’ll try and include it in some of my future posts. As for next time, let’s touch down on the topic of self-help books!

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