Regular Guest Bloggers

Malika Gandhi

 Malika Gandhi is a multi-genre author. She writes YA fantasy, historical fiction, and paranormal mysteries. She also writes web content, articles, blog posts, websites, and magazines. Malika lives with her husband and two sons in the East Midlands, UK. She is a homemaker and, in between caring for her family and being an author, she dabbles in art. She is keen on movies, art galleries, and history museums, and she is endlessly curious about the universe. Check out her Facebook group here. Malika will be guest blogging about all sorts of things on a weekly basis.

Emma Challoner-Miles


Emma Challoner-Miles is a busy wife, mum, teaching assistant, and freelance writer. When she isn’t cooking tea, making phonics fun, or glued to the laptop she can be found walking Roy – her adorable, but slightly crazy Border Collie, reading (anything and everything, dreaming of a life in the sun, and drinking wine (anything and everything). Emma will be guest-blogging with us on a monthly basis, telling us all about her life as a freelance writer.

Dijana Boshkova


Dijana Boshkova is full-time writer and translator. In an effort to keep her eternal child up and running, she uses humour and wit to attack everyday routine. Hailing all the way from Macedonia, Dijana will be here guest blogging whenever she can. If you want to know more about her, check out her LinkedIn profile.

Omar Al-Masry


Originally trained as an architect, Omar found his true passion in writing about art, technology, and everything in between…and he loves a good bookish debate! He’ll be guest-blogging and debating with Riley on a monthly basis.

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