About Me

I’m Vicky, and I’m a writer, a reader, and an editor. Basically, I like anything to do with words and stringing them together in a pretty way. I’m originally from the Welsh seaside but now I live in the French countryside, from where I run my editing and proofreading business: Positive Points.

I’ve had this blog a lot longer than I’ve been working on Positive Points so if you’ve come to the blog from my website, you may find the odd post that doesn’t seem relevant. I started it to talk about my writing journey, and then it morphed into a blog more about reading. Now, it’s a bit of everything within that world of words, and I like to keep it at least somewhat relevant to my work at Positive Points.

Like what you see? Awesome! Please let me know. Want more details on what I do? Contact me using the contact page, or email me: vicky@positivepoints.co.uk.

Happy reading!

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