How Fast Can You Read a Book?

Here’s an interesting look at reading challenges by author DM Miller.
I think challenges can be fun, especially those that specify categories (eg. Read a book by an author you’ve never read before, read a book set in a foreign country, etc). Perhaps they even help broaden your horizons and discover something new, but ultimately, don’t they put us under too much pressure and maybe even take the fun out of reading? What do you think?

D.M. Miller

It’s time for the Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge goals if you haven’t already made them. Despite the push from Goodreads, I never partake in the challenge because I read on my own and don’t need the pressure to read super fast.

For people who never read or read very little, the challenge could be a good thing.  In What Are You Reading?, I discuss those who claim to have no time to read yet somehow manage five hours of television a night. In this case, if any such people want to make a change in their lives and start reading more, a challenge like this could be exactly what they need.

On the other hand, if you have a natural desire to read, the challenge might force you to speed through books, rather than savor them. As a writer, I pay attention to phrasing, vocabulary, plot structure, etc., and…

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  1. I’ve set myself a target every year for about three years now. I usually do reasonable targets. This year I have given myself 30 books to read. So 2.5 a month. Do-able without having to rush through books. I’ve given myself certain genres or authors I want to read this year to broaden my repertoire XD I don’t understand how people set themselves a challenge of 100 books to read. What on earth kind if books are they reading? Are they actually reading or just looking at the pages?

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