Friday Feels…Ready: On Reviving Old Loves

So yeah…I’m still alive! You’d never think it through the amount I’ve posted recently but you know…I’m here now and all.

Phew, what a couple of weeks…er…months that’s been! I went from stagnant nothingness (remember the whole ‘lethargy breeds lethargy’ thing? Yeah, me too) to six weeks of non-stop action.

It’s been awesome.

It’s been crazy.

It’s all starting to balance out now.

Balance – now there’s a thing to love and boy, I’m feeling the love. A bit of chill-out time, a bit of work time, lots of time to do the things I love time.

An Old Love…


Speaking of which – I need to revive an old love of mine. No, not that guy I was seeing in school (ugh). Nor my love of eating Nutella from the jar with a spoon (although I could be tempted…). No, the love I need to – scratch that. The love I want to revive is this very blog.

It’s funny really. I spent a lot of time and energy on this blog just a few months back and yet that seems like a lifetime ago. Things are so different now, life is so different, but I really want that back – the drive to write more blog posts and create more stories, the excitement of seeing my blog stats or another comment on something I’ve said. But the longer I’ve left it without posting, the more difficult it has been to come back and write something. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because…

Well, I don’t really know why, to be honest. I’m writing a lot more than I was, and my new job had given me plenty of characters to tell stories about! I have ideas and thoughts I want to blog about. I even have an author interview ready to go, one that I should have posted at the beginning of last month (sorry Rose English! It’ll be going up soon – I promise!)

I’m Not Ready for Divorce

I’m editing a book for someone at the moment. It’s heart-48522_960_720a self-help book, all about divorce and whether it’s right for you. This afternoon, I worked on a chapter all about rekindling the passion in your relationship. The book talks about how when we stop making an effort, everything kind of just…fizzles out. We don’t want it to fizzle out, and we would do anything to get it back but we just don’t know how and even if we did know how, so much has gone on and so much time has passed that it’s hard to go back.

And whilst I was editing, I started to think about my own relationship. I don’t mean my marriage, by the way. No, the relationship it got me thinking about was my relationship with this blog. There are parallels and I realised that reviving a love of any kind, after some time away, is hard. It’s hard – but it’s not impossible!

A Gentle Touch Here, A Little Tease There

I won’t get into all the advice in the book – that wouldn’t be fair on the author – but the basic idea was about putting effort in whilst taking it slow. Don’t throw yourself into it, take it step-by-step, but be conscious of it. A little touch here and a little tease there go a long way when reviving an old love.

So consider this your first little tease and hey, who knows? Next time you might even get a little touch 😉



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