When Routines Go Rogue: 6 Times When Routines Suck

I’ve told you about my routines, right? My tightly scheduled day, organised down to the minute? It’s not just my time either. Everything I do is timetabled, even my writing. A review on Monday, a short story on Wednesday, an hour of my WIP here, 15 minutes French practice there…and so on and so forth. But guess what?

My routine’s gone rogue…

…and I like it.

You know, since I moved to France, I’ve been much more spontaneous. Whether it’s dog-157014_960_720because I’ve got more time now or because their laid-back lifestyle is seeping into my veins, I don’t know, but I do know that I’ve burned my timetable and the peed on the ashes (metaphorically, of course. Peeing on ashes is not one of my more frequent activities.)

Do I want to do some writing right now? Why yes, I do. Is it scheduled for right now? Nope, and I don’t give a diddly squat. Do I want to update the business Facebook page? Sure, why not. Play with the dog a little? Yep! Bathe in a tub full of sweetcorn whilst singing Sweet Home Alabama? Er…

So today, it’s like I’ve had an epiphany (a bit of a pants epiphany as epiphanies go, but still…) My epiphany is: routines sometimes go rogue – and that’s okay! My routine had started to suck, and here are six reasons why:

  1. It required more work than it saved

    Routines should be there to help you, not hinder you. When they require you to do more planning and prep just to make the routine run smoothly, it’s time to ditch it!

  2. It existed just because

    Is there a point to your routine? Does it help save you time/achieve your goals/keep you sane in a crazy world full of nutcases and weirdos? No? Why do you do it then?

  3. It stifled creativity

    raindrops-678656_960_720.jpgFor me, routine used to aid to my creativity but now, routine crushes my creativity like a wet daisy that has forced its way through the paving stones only to be stood on by a grumpy teenager with 3-day old chewing gum on their shoes. Yeah, that sort of routine sucks.

  4. I was stuck in a rut

    Same old, same old? Blah blah blah. Climb out of your rut and act like a pirate.

  5. My routine controlled me instead of me controlling my routine

    If you want a master, I hear there are plenty of attractive folk out there with a penchant BDSM. That’s got to be better than a controlling routine, right? A routine that you don’t control is a rogue routine!

  6. It’s BORING!

    There’s something quite exciting about spontaneity, don’t you think? When your routine gets boring, and you’d rather be doing something else, then it’s time to do just that – something else!


There’s something very liberating about throwing off an old routine, especially a stale one. It’s like a whole new lease of life, a freedom I had forgotten I had. According to my old routine, tomorrow is book review day, but new routine tells me that tomorrow can be any day I want it to be. What shall it be, what shall it be? I’m not sure yet, but I can promise you this: I’ll most definitely be avoiding that bathtub full of sweetcorn!



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