Five Reasons Why Adults Should Read YA Fantasy

When you hear the phrase YA fantasy, does it put you off? Do you think it is for teens or children only? There are so many books in this genre that have proved to be a great read. If you want to know which ones, I suggest trawling through Goodreads or Amazon to find your favourite YA Fantasy title. Not convinced? Let me give you five simple reasons why you—the adult—should give this genre a go.


YA fantasy is a great way to escape real world issues and problems. Not only do you delve into beautiful, out-of-this-world imagery, you can also join exciting escapades and voyage into truly mesmerising and curious places. You forget what is happening outside as the lure of the dragons, teen witches, magic, and power will draw you in.

Nurture Your Inner Child

As a child, you may have read or your parents may have read to you stories where superheroes rescue the world from disaster, where princesses fall asleep or fight to defeat evil. Or you may have come across books where giants eat children, or when a child uses power to defeat her school headmistress. Can you guess which books I am referring to? Come and re-ignite the feeling of happiness and no stress of your inner child!

Visit New Worlds

Stepping into a new world is exciting, exhilarating, and just so much fun! You get to live in new surroundings that are full of curiosity and wonder, and although sometimes the setting may feel like it is Earth, there will be nuances where you will find you are in another brilliant world altogether. You will come across dragons, talking animals, and magic. You will come to know of dwellings that are ruled by witches, sorcerers, evil creatures, and dragons! So, what are you waiting for? Go and find that great read now!

Amplify Your Creativity and Drive

Imagine you are on a train and suddenly it stops. You don’t know why and no matter what you do, the train will not start again. It needs something to move again – like coal for instance if it is a steam train, or diesel. Now imagine if you were asked to do something creative or even work harder in your job, but like the train, you have no fuel to carry on. I am not referring to fuel such as food and drink (although that is a necessity) but fuel such as drive, enthusiasm, adrenalin, and excitement to name a few.

Reading fantasy stimulates creativity, and with creativity comes drive and excitement. And soon you will be going again.

Become a Hero

Have you ever thought about being a hero? Would you love to have magic powers of your own to defeat evil? Reading fantasy can do this for you, for when you read about a superhero and live in his or her adventures, you become a hero too. You fight with the same powers and you become one of them! You get to ride on dragons, swim with merpeople, and even fight with creatures on the battle ground! What a way to become a hero!

So, you see, reading fantasy is not only for children or teens, it is for adults too! I hope these five points will make you want to pick up a YA fantasy novel and become immersed in the author’s wonderful world.

What fantasy book you have read? And why did you pick that particular book?

See you soon!

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