Flash Fiction: CLose to Death

Her heart thumped wildly; the radio burbled in the background. On the table, there was an open bottle of vodka from which she had been swigging, and a pile of paracetamol all neatly popped from their pockets. She was tired. Exhausted. Didn’t know how she would go on. It was all too much, the whirring thoughts, the constant worry, the mounting weight upon her shoulders. And then she heard the presenter utter those four words:

Does anything matter anymore?

She chuckled, then laughed, realization dawning. Nothing mattered! She could let it all go.

She was saved.

100 Word Wednesdays with Bikurgurl, image source Heather Mount

One comment

  1. So true! We hold so tightly to some things that it is only when we let go we are finally free 🖤 Excellent! Thank you for joining us this week as we weave our 100 words into stories, poems, and songs prompted by the image 🖤

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