Friday Feels…Loved Up: On That ‘New Stationery’ Buzz!

I love stationery. There, I said it. I love it. I love pens and paper and notebooks and pencil cases. I could (I do) spend hours browsing stationery aisles in the supermarket, scrolling through stationery adverts on sales websites, looking through the stationery stalls at the market. Sad, isn’t it?

(Well actually, no it’s not sad. Okay, so it may not be the ‘coolest’ hobby in the world – it’s not surfing or parkour or snorting cocaine off the butts of supermodels[*] – but it’s definitely not sad. This need to label things as ‘cool’ and ‘sad’ is what is really sad. I am in no way bothered by what people think of my hobbies, or of how I choose to spend my own time and money. I don’t care what others do either, unless it affects me directly. So why should anyone else? It’s a load of tosh and that’s that! Enjoying stationery is no sadder than getting the latest tattoo, following the ‘coolest’ celebrities, or stamp collecting. I love stationery, and I’m proud of it!)

Ahem…I appear to have digressed…

You may or may not consider my enjoyment of stationery as odd, depending on your own stationery stance, but what is really truly odd about it is that honestly, I don’t really have much use for it anymore. In an increasingly technological world, my need for physical pens and paper is diminishing and actually, I prefer to type than write. It’s easier, quicker, more efficient. I like the look of typed work over my hand-written scrawl too.

Don’t get me wrong, I do still use my stationery. As I type, I have a notebook at my side, in which I scribble notes and ideas as they come to me (they don’t stay around for very long, you see). I keep a pencil case in my handbag, full of different coloured pens (because you never know when you’re going to need a pink ball-point or a Bic with four different colours). My diary planner, too, is still in physical form (I’ve never really got along with phone or computer based calendars).

So it’s not all about computers, but sometimes, I make a conscious effort to use physical stationery, even though it’s less efficient, simply because I love it. All this means, though, that when I get really nice stationery – and I mean the good stuff here, the stuff that’s too good for squiggling notes or being thrown into the bottom of my bag on the off-chance I’ll need it – when I get that sort of stationery, I never quite know what to do with it.

Take this beauty, for example:


It’s a Radley notebook with a ribbon marker and magnetic close. My mum bought it for me this weekend. It’s lovely (stroke-worthily so), and definitely too good for my usual notebook-nonsense. So I find myself searching for something worthy to put into it, save it being wasted. It deserves to be used but for what? Whilst I stew on this dilemma (and a truly terrible dilemma it is[†]), I’ll carry on typing but I’ll keep it at my side in case inspiration takes hold!

Have you ever bought a notebook so beautiful that you didn’t know what to write in it?

[*] I’m not at all against cool hobbies. I would happily give surfing and parkour a go – I’m sure I’d be rubbish at them, but I’d give them a go. As for the snorting cocaine off the butts of supermodels – I think I’ll give that a miss, but thanks all the same.

[†] Please detect the sarcasm there – I am aware that ‘what to put into your new notebook’ is a distinctly first-world problem and that there are much, much worse dilemmas in the world.

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    Keep a journal of your new life in that lovely book. You are not alone, one day my sister said ‘I love stationery’ and I realised, so do I. When Cyberspouse’s office was being moved they found cupboards full of ring files, plastic folders, paper – all made redundant by computers, it was like Christmas when he brought them home for me and I filled them up with organised paper copies of all I have ever written, lest the computers be switched off and ‘The Cloud’ disintegrates.

  2. I’ve got terrible handwriting and it’s large and blocky. I gave up the idea of stationery a long time ago. I still like pens, though. Nice colourful ones. I put them in a vase like a flower arrangement.

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