Friday Feels…Like a Roller-coaster

Friday feels…Friday feels…I’m not really sure how Friday feels. Friday feels sleepy, that’s for sure (that’ll teach me for staying up until 2am reading). Friday feels a bit poorly too (I’ve discovered that you can catch a cold in France too, much to my dismay). Friday feels excited and happy (things are moving forward with my new life, finally). Friday feels a bit like a roller-
coaster to be honest.

I forgot to do my short story this Wednesday. Naughty me. I’m finding it remarkably hard to keep up with things at the moment. Not because I’ve got too much to do, of course, but quite the opposite. I’ve already talked about the endless sea of time that I’ve got now that I’m in limbo, but it’s true. Without structure and routine, I forget what day it is and what I’m supposed to be doing. So for forgetting my story this week, I apologise.

Froud-Riley-J-2015-John-Sharpe-3DOn the other hand, I have made progress with my WIP. I’ve even decided on a title (I think!) I suck at titles; I find it really hard to come up with names. So after much deliberation, I’m thinking of going for Queenie’s Return for the next Underworld book, or something along those lines. What do you think? I’ve also been thinking about the cover – whether to go with the artist who designed my first cover (which I love, but it’s more difficult to work with him as he’s in a different country), or to go with someone else and have the first one redesigned as well, so that the two keep a similar style. Decisions, decisions. This being an author lark requires too many hats sometimes!

In other news, hubby and I have decided to start a blog together, reviewing restaurants here in France. We both love food (as is obvious by our now rather rotund bellies) so combining that with my love of writing, reviewing restaurants seems like a fun idea (and if we are reviewing the restaurants, we’ve got to have pudding, right? It’s only fair…). For our first one, we went to Buffalo Grill and here’s what we thought of it.


So yeah…a bit up and down this week. And as you can see, even this post lacks structure and spark. I wonder if it will help if I sit on a firework and set it off? That’ll probably get me going (and it’ll be a good excuse to buy some new jeans). Anyone got a lighter?

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