How to Break the Ice

When we sit down to write we see a blank sheet of paper or a blank sheet on the PC. We know we are there to write a novel, some flash fiction, a memoir, or maybe an autobiography. But we are stuck because we don’t know where or even how to begin.

This is when we must break the ice. Go for it and not look back, until later when you have finished your first draft, of course.

Ways to break the ice:

  1. Type a word – any word.
  2. Then a few words.

You now have a sentence! Soon, you will have a paragraph, and your mind will start whizzing with ideas, characters, mini plots that will turn into the main theme of your creation. Your fingers are going crazy, trying to get so many words done in so little time, but then… oh no, you come to another bit of ice. You can’t go forward. What should you do now? You wonder in desperation.

You scream. You need to break the ice; you need to know what your protagonist is going to do. Is she going after her father’s killer herself? Or will she go to the police? When you write, there will be many little icy barriers that will halt your creation. However, you must carry on and break the ice.

Write another word – any word.

More ways to break the ice:


This is a great way to get going, I usually draw a mind-map with the issue in the middle, and then draw spider-legs with possibilities to the solution. This is a fun ice-breaker as it gets your creativity going. Did I say it is fun, too?

Listen to music

When you put on a track that goes with your type of writing, your ideas will flow. When I was writing my fantasy stories, I always put on an epic music soundtrack like the Avengers, or Lord of the Rings. My imagination ran wild and I felt my characters were in that timeline. I loved it. Why don’t you give it a go?

Plotting your ideas before you sit down to write

This works for many writers. They like to plan out every detail before they actually write the thing. This is a great ice-breaker and it means you won’t have any writer’s block, and you can actually be in the flow of things.

These ice-breaker tactics are simple and effective. There is no need to overthink it. How do you think I wrote this article?

Now, it is your turn! Go and break that ice!

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