New Release! by Malika Gandhi


Christmas is upon us and even though it won’t be a Christmas we’re all used to, it is still a celebration of joy and happiness.

To bring the Christmas feel to you, I wrote a short story about a twenty-five-year-old who is invited, along with her dad, mum, and little sister, to her uncle’s house in picturesque Windermere, amongst the beautiful hills and the lakes, to spend Christmas.

Delighted to get away from it all, Rianna cannot wait to begin the holiday. But she didn’t expect the arrival of her extended family and friends!

Meet the family:

Rajni – a father who dotes on his two daughters and loves a relaxed life.

Lata – a mother who is still waiting for her elder daughter to get married.

Rianna – an independent woman in her early twenties. She owns a bookshop.

Jia – a seven-year-old who loves to play, and looks up to her sister, Rianna ben.


This short book by Malika Gandhi provides a welcome break between longer reads and is a beautifully written Christmas story with an Indian flavour to it. The characters are engaging and memorable.

An entertaining read about an unexpectedly busy holiday. Some lovely characterisations, and a great setting, make this an easy read with a Christmas flavour.

Click below to get the book!

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