The Hustle of an English tutor

This is me.

My name’s Nathan, and I’m an English tutor. Here’s my story.

On many occasions, I have tried different things to improve my financial security, having always worked in low paid, menial jobs and lived pay-cheque to pay-cheque. Not being able to afford certain things in life was a frustration of mine; a jealous part of me would pop up occasionally when I saw somebody, usually a lot younger than me, become more financially independent. They’ve learnt to drive, they go on regular holidays, man… they even buy houses!

So, I began, many years ago, trying to start a side hustle, a second venture or money-making enterprise that would help bring me these things that triggered this jealous, frustrated feeling.  Here are just a few of the things I tried:

  • I created a website for app development and website creation, where I would outsource the work. Nothing came of this.
  • I started a goal setting blog and even wrote a book on it. Nothing came of it.
  • I designed and made T-shirts to sell online. Nothing came of it.
  • I tried selling coffee online. Guess what? You got it! Nothing came of it.

Hundreds of pounds later and so much time spent on these entrepreneurial endeavours, I had no success and nothing tangible to show for it.

So many attempts at side hustle after side hustle, and what did I learn?   

I learnt to keep going, to find another way. Something will work eventually.

Then Coronavirus hit and it gave me time to think, being home so much, with no work and a lost motivation for the university course I was doing.

Then, a chat with a friend I have known for years had got me interested in something. This friend usually makes a living in scientific research, but seeing as his grant money had run out, he needed to find another way to make a living. And so, he had comfortably been living off being an online Tutor.

He taught English, maths, Spanish, and a little Italian on occasions. He can now pay his bills and rent and enjoy life while doing this. I now wanted a piece of the action.

From this chat, I instantly signed up for a Teach English As A Foreign Language (TEFL) course, completing it as quickly as possible, and signed up for a website to obtain students.

Having been on this website for nearly two months, I am now getting plenty of students and gaining great experience, meeting some awesome people from all over the world with different reasons for learning English.

This is also me.

Some are looking for new jobs with companies that require good English, so we practice interviews and business English.

Others love to travel and with, English being spoken in so many places around the world now, having even a basic knowledge of English will enhance their travel experience. We work on things like being able to order food at a restaurant or speak to that cute girl at the bar, call a taxi, buy tickets to a gig, and many more.  

Then there’s the students. There are so many foreign students that travel to English speaking countries to continue their education it’s unreal. They all need to know English to be able to study in English. 

Or it could be as simple of wanting to read books in English, enhancing culture, watching TV shows to broaden your entertainment horizons. (I watch Anime a little and would love to do so without subtitles).

If I can play a small part in their progress to learn English that helps them find a better job so they can put food on the table, so they can visit their dream holiday destination, or read Shakespeare for the first time, then I will be a success no matter how much money I make. 

Becoming an Online English Tutor has opened my eyes to how learning a language can make lives better, bring people together, and enrich the lives of my students to levels I could not comprehend before.

Being an English Tutor is so much more than the money for me now. It enriches me and teaches me about the world and the people who live in it.

I look forward to my next lesson now, and I’m getting more and more students to teach and to learn from.

I have found my side hustle. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Vicky for putting this on her blog!


Want to improve your English?

You can sign up for Nathan’s tutoring here.

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