Actually, Audiobooks Aren’t That Bad

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I read. 

The cringy, ego-boosting online reading tests say I average between 700-900 words per minute. (the average reading speed is somewhere along the lines of 200-250 words per minute)

Sometimes people don’t believe me when I say I’ve read something – but trust me, I have! Like, sometimes all it takes is a glance to read something!

The thing is, I may have been reading a bit too much.

Naturally, I haven’t figured this on my own.

One beautiful sunny day – the first one after a long, gloomy winter – I went outside and something felt wrong. Like, horribly, terribly, I-am-going-blind-save-me-jesus wrong.

I mean, sure, I’ve strained my eyes in the past… but this was something else.

And this ‘something else’ only got worse, day by day.

Some days, it felt like sand in my eyes. Other days, it felt like a needle pocking through.

Until finally, I was left working in a dark room, with screen light on a bare minimum – wearing sunglasses. You bet that was a sight for sore eyes! (pun unintended)

I went to see a few doctors…

But only one of them really helped. (Apparently, there’s no other cure for eye strain apart from resting your eyes. Geez, who would’ve guessed?)

They asked me if I were overusing my eyes.

Overusing my eyes? NAH – I don’t think so. Am I?!

I work on a PC, I do tend to watch some Netflix here and there, oh, and also I like to read a lot – blog posts, articles, how-to guides, books, everything and anything that comes my way!

Well, turns out you can’t spend your whole working day in front of a laptop. And then stare at Netflix. And then read 100 pages before bed. And wake up 6 hours later and do all of that over again.

Apparently, you’re not supposed to do that.

So now, with my two favorite hobbies taken away from me – binge-watching Netflix and swallowing books before bed – there was I, hobby-less and bored to death.

Lo and behold – enter audiobooks

A dear friend of mine – hi, Marija! – saved the day and sent me a few audiobooks.  

I’ll be honest with you – I used to hate listening to audiobooks.

To me, audiobooks were pointless and boring. I didn’t have the patience for that. How am I supposed to keep track of all the tiny details?

In fact, I might have slightly judged people who did listen to audiobooks. (they can’t be bothered to read, can they?!?!)

However, after you stop gulping down books before bed and after you bake the fourth pie in a week, you somehow start finding joy in audiobooks.

And you know, I realized why audiobooks felt so painful before – because they required all of my attention.

I mean, I know they were probably made with the idea of being able to listen to books while you do something else, but I’m not that type of person.

I like to fully devote to the book I’m reading – or in this case, listening.

So here I am now, writing a blog post about audiobooks.

Now, I cannot describe how rejuvenating it feels to play an audiobook, close my eyes, and lie down. And just listen.

I’m not doing anything, I’m not thinking about anything – and nothing is fighting for my attention.

It’s such an easy and simple act, and yet it has become so difficult for all of us to experience moments of utter bliss like that.

Turns out, I actually quite like audiobooks because they offer me some sort of a meditative, calming experience in a big, noisy world.

I’m able to be present – and my mind is able to slow down and quiet down.

It’s a very, very refreshing change.

P.S. My eyes are much better now – I’ve been going offline a lot more and avoiding screens like the plague. I also recommend you try doing this, every once and a while – a day is enough to feel the difference!

Do you enjoy audiobooks – or do you prefer the paper format?  

Leave us a comment and share your experience with us – we’d love to hear from you!

Next time, I’ll be doing a review of Michelle Obama’s Becoming!

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