Three Line Tales: Escape

As I sit and watch the world go by, I dream of escape and of running away;
to a place where no one knows me, a place to be free.

I watch the people come and go, and think how great it would be to have no weight to hold you down, to flit around the world like a leaf caught in the wind.

But then I look back and realise just how sad I would be. I love this place too much, and everything and everyone that goes with it. As soon as I left, I’d be running back, holding on with all my might.

Perhaps we all need those dreams of escape, perhaps they’re part of what makes life great.

Oops! A few more than three lines… I got a bit carried away!
Thanks, Sonya, for the prompt, and Glen Finnan for the photo.


  1. The weight to hold us down or lifting the weight to have us blowing in the wind…I love the contrasting positions and had never thought of dreams in that way – the conflicting force between what keeps us grounded and what lets us fly. Powerful.

    1. Thank you ☺ the image really got me thinking about how we all love to get away but love to return, and that got me onto the idea that a dream can both ground and free you.

      Thanks for reading 😀

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