What to Do When You Can’t Find Anything to Read

We’ve all been stuck there – thankfully not too long! – in what I like to call, a reading dry spell.

It’s one of those annoying moments when you start reading a book… and you close it without even finishing the first chapter. And then you do that five more times with five different books before you give up and go eat a cookie.

I mean, I fully support my charming host here on that one – no need to push yourself through a book you don’t fully enjoy. *come on folks, life’s too short for that!*

It’s not like you don’t have a dozen books waiting on your shelves to be read.

It’s just that you don’t have anything good to read – the stuff that makes you go Wow, Uh-huh, and Omg, I feel that! while reading it.

Next thing you know, you have a pile of halfway-read books sitting on your bedtable and you’re scrolling on Amazon digging deep under the bestsellers hoping to find a diamond in the rough. Maybe that book cover isn’t that horrible after all, huh? *we all know it is*

The bad thing about dry spells is that they make you think like you’ve read all the good books on the planet – and nothing tingles your reading buds anymore.

But the good thing about reading dry spells is that they come and go – and trust me, I’m sure there are plenty of good books left to be read.

Here’s what I do when I can’t find anything good enough to read.

The buzz isn’t always surrounding the right book

Nothing irritates me as much as starting to read a book that EVERYONE else around me reads – yes, I’m one of those people willing to give books like that a chance – only to have myself say meh.

Maybe having too high expectations is a bad thing, huh?

I mean, sure, there are times when I join in on the mass hysteria and yes, I have a few guilty pleasure books that have *totally* swept the whole world off its feet – I mean, I did print Twilight on my own.

But sometimes, I start reading a bestseller that’s not really up my lane influenced by other people’s reading choices only to discover that not only is the book pretty average – or below-average – it teaches me nothing new nor inspires me to be a better person.

So give non-trending books a try – you might even enjoy them more!

Find your reading buddy

A reading buddy doesn’t mean that you read the same books at the same time – you can join a book club for that.

Your reading buddy has the same book taste as yours & enjoys reading the same books as you do.

I believe one of my closest friends to be one of my reading buddies – hi Monika! – because we happen to like the same books and we often order the exact same books at the same time without even discussing it first.

She recently brought me a book back from one of her trips that I absolutely loved – I read 100 pages alone in a single afternoon! How do you like that now, reading dry spell?

Give other book types a try

When I take a look back, I notice I read – more or less – the same types of books.

There’s always some drama (preferably set at some point in history, and if happens to be in the Middle East I’m sold instantly!). Or some romance (chick-lit 4ever), or something about being an entrepreneur – the fancy word to hide my self-help & self-development books under.

But there are only about so many family dramas set in the Middle East that would absolutely blow my mind, you know what I mean?

That’s when I realized I need to be a bit more open towards other book genres and grab titles I normally wouldn’t.

Maybe grab a sci-fi book set in the future, since I’ve been developing an interest in technology lately? Maybe find a travel book about countries I’ve never really been interested in – and see whether that sparks any interest?

Check with your favorite authors

You can’t expect to absolutely love all of the books of all of your favorite writers but chances are – you might end up enjoying most of them.

Reading your favorite author – no matter why they are your favorite – will very likely provoke some good feelings inside. Make you feel all nice & fuzzy. It’s almost as being home with a nice cup of hot chocolate in your hand. After all, isn’t that the sole reason why they are your favorite author?

For example, I had no idea that J.K. Rowling has released a few other books under a different pen name – what world do I live in, really?

Even though they’re completely different from my all-time favorite Harry Potter, I’ve been triggered to read them and see what they’re all about.

If I happened to have read everything from the top-notch writers on my list, then I check the author of the last book I enjoyed. Most of the time, I end up liking at least one more book from the same author!

And yes – that’s how I fight my reading dry spells. What do you do when you can’t find anything good to read?

Next time, I’m going to do a book review of the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – and let you know whether it’s really worth your time! Is there anything YOU would like me to talk about? Leave us a comment here and let us know! 

Featured image by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash


  1. Some good tips here! I was in a massive reading dry spell after I finished reading ‘Call Me By Your Name’ – it just swept me off my feet that everything else seemed to pale into comparison. About three weeks later I dived into a Robin Hobb book that had been sitting on my shelf for about a year and I’m loving it – I’m now on the second one of the trilogy!

    1. Thank you! I know the feeling, it sucks, right? I’ll check out Robin Hobb, haven’t read anything from that author yet, thanks!

    1. A Croatian translation of a book that I’m trying to find the original name ever since, lol. 😀 It’s from a French author, I believe, Raphaelle Giordano and I found it veeery easy to read through. (the translation is awesome!)

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