Who Says An Author Can’t Hate Their Book Cover?

This is a refreshing (and humourous) look at the Goodkind controversy. For what it’s worth, I also dislike the cover. Yes, it represents ‘fantasy’ but, I think, in a way that is old-fashioned and a little cliched.
Was Goodkind wrong to call it out on social media? Perhaps, but I think it’s more likely an issue of semantics and the way in which he approached it as opposed to the act in itself. If he intended to call out the publishers rather than the illustrator, he should have made that clear. I can see why the illustrator was upset.
What do you think? Was Goodkind wrong?

Tara Sparling writes

Every blogger in Ireland has been blogging about our rare once-in-a-lifetime snowpocalypse this week, so I’ve decided to be original and not even mention it once.


Anyhoo, I’d rather blog about Terry Goodkind. He’s been plastered over both social and anti-social media this week regarding the news that he hates his new book cover. For the record, it looks like this.

Who Says An Author Isn't Allowed To Hate Their Book Cover? Pic via Guardian.co.uk, via @RovinaCai on Twitter

Goodkind made the headlines (well, in the Guardian anyway, which as we all know is the Books section I read the most, so naturally, principles of materiality and relevance are 100% satisfied) by calling this cover “laughably bad” in a Facebook post.

Goodkind said that it was “a very good book with a very bad cover”, and offered readers the chance to win a hardback copy by participating in a poll, voting on whether the cover was “excellent” or “laughably bad”. He was subsequently snowed…

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