Donating Books, and All That

#Flashback Friday! A look at what happens to your books when you donate them to a charity shop. Admittedly, I left my charity shop job over two years ago now, but this is how it worked when I was there and I can’t imagine too much has changed.

The Bookwormery: A Positive Points Blog

WP_20150801_11_05_31_Pro[1]I belong to lots of online groups that are related to books and reading, and one topic that comes up again and again is buying books from charity shops.  I’m always surprised at how much misinformation is out there: charity shops don’t want any more books because they have too many, charity shops pulp 70% of the books that are donated, charity shops shouldn’t charge so much because they don’t have any overheads (and that last one really gets my goat).  There are lots of misconceptions about what happens to books when they are donated to a charity shop and whilst I can’t speak for all charity shops, I thought that writing about what happens to books in my shop may help to dispel some of those myths.  (And when I say ‘my shop’, I of course mean the nationwide charity retail shop of which I am manager.  I’m not…

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