Short Story: The Rainwitch

Flashback Friday! This is one of my favourite short stories (is it okay to have a favourite of your own work?). If you haven’t read it yet, it’s about time you met the Rainwitch!


Featured image by Anna Eveleigh

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This week’s short story is dedicated to Serena Cairns, who sent me a prompt on Twitter: “Rainwitch, rainwitch, fetch me the magic gooseberry”.

The Rainwitch


It’s play time.  The children dart around the sloped concrete playground, on which is painted the bright but worn lines of various sports pitches used for PE, layered over one another as though jostling for space.  They run and scream and play and giggle, the children.  Little girls in little grey pinafores and little boys in little grey shorts and shirts, all running and chasing and being magical things.  The atmosphere is loud and manic but happy too.  That child over there is a dinosaur, that one is a dog.  Those over there are playing catch whilst these by here smash conkers.  It’s not those children who draw our eye, though.  They are being children, doing whatever it is that children do.

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