Thorne’s First

An author friend of mine and fellow bacon-lover, WF Thorne, has only finally gone and got himself a blog! You should check it out – and follow him whilst you’re at it. It’s a funny first post, in fact he’s a funny guy (funny haha, not funny weird, fret not). Tell him I sent you and he’ll give you a sweet (actually, that’s an out and out lie, a blatant attempt at bribery. Sorry.)

W.F. Thorne

Hello and welcome to the blog of W.F. Thorne! Not sure what I should be writing for my first post, so I guess I’ll just put down whatever springs into my mind. Where to start… Hmm…

A general introduction to who you are is a good start, ya know?

Good idea! Well I’m from Melbourne, born and raised, and I’m hoping to make a career out of what I love the most – writing. I’m currently working on a dark fantasy series involving a war between celestial beings and vampires.

Oh God no! Don’t tell me we’re going to be seeing more sparkly vamps and werewolves full of teen angst!

No nothing like that. These vampires will be a throw back to the days when vampires were bloodthirsty creatures of the night. They won’t look like they’ve fallen into a vat of glitter when they step out into the sun…

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