Three Line Tales: Bud

Meet Bud. He’s got a different type of lifestyle: chewing the cud, chillaxing, and smokin’ it up. He doesn’t fit with most people’s idea of an upstanding, productive member of society. This makes Bud sad.

“I just want a chilled life, you know?” Bud says. “The man, he’s always gotta be crappin’ on me, but I ain’t hurting anyone. I just wanna share the love and peace, man.”

Unfortunately for Bud, the ‘man’ can’t allow that to happen and the more he talks of a peaceful life, the less likely he is to get it. You see, if everyone lived like Bud, who could the ‘man’ enslave?

Thanks, Sonya, for the prompt, and Jacco Rienks for the photo!

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