Great Christmas Gifts For Book Lovers (that aren’t books)

There is no doubt that one thing book lovers love most in this world is books, right? But we also love bookish themed things too! Besides, as tempting as it is to buy a book lover a book, finding one they definitely haven’t read can be a veritable minefield.

So, I had a nose around the internet and found some awesome gifts for book lovers that are not books. I’m quite proud of myself for resisting the temptation to by them for myself too. The only challenge left is to get my husband to see this without making the hint too obvious…

Anyway, here are some great gifts you can get the book lover in your life.

An Old-Book Scented Soap for the smellbound

A bit of nostalgia with this Library Stamp T-Shirt


For those who want to celebrate Margaret Atwood by not letting those bastards grind them down – in bracelet or t-shirt form!

For the book lover who wants to tell people where to go with this mug


This cute, foxy book sleeve for the protective book lover


For those who want to record the books they’ve read with this 100 Books Scrach Off Bucket List Poster


Cuddle up to a real book worm with this Bookworm soft toy


For the Edgar Allan Poe lover, there’s this cuddly toy and these paper dolls

Light up the classics lover in your life with this Charles Dickens inspired candle


For the lover of forbidden libraries, there is this Forbidden Library necklace


Or this literary scarf


For the book lover who loves to drink tea, they can drink their favourites with this Literary Tea Box


Shakespeare fans will love this Rubber Duck Lip Balm, Lady Macbeth’s Guest Soap, and these delightful Shakespearmints!

For the book lover who is also a writer, there’s this “so many books, so little time” notebook


For those who want to keep their books close to their heart, there’s this personalised miniature book necklace


For book lovers who like a game of cards


For the multi-tasking reader, try out this book rest


Or how about one of these fantastic bookmarks? There’s Alice in Wonderland, the Crocomark, the Big Mouth Bookmark, and the BookCrush Man!

Or of course, you could always play it safe and get them a subscription to The Book Club Box – that way, they’ll get a new book and a selection of bookish goodies every single month!


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