A Dose of Dijana: ‘Tis the Season to be a Bookworm

Inspired by a post my lovely host wrote about The Etymologicon, a book we both loved, I swear I was planning on writing about words and origins and whatnot.

I was even determined to do a bit of research about Macedonian words and see how far back I can trace some of those.

But same as you decide to ditch a paper folder into the air at the office and go – Oh what the… it’s Christmas time! – I made a similar decision, though I really can’t afford to throw my laptop in the air.

Then, I snooped around on the blog and noticed other guest bloggers had the same Christmas-y thoughts – and boy, will I get some of those books Emma recommended!

So yes, I think it’s safe to say that the jolly season has been officially opened on The Bookwormery!

*grinning happily*


I mean, even YouTube algorithms know it’s about time we got rid of Despacito and get It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas stuck in our heads again – the song popped out of nowhere on my playlist.

And don’t even get me started on the Jingle Bells.

In my country, we celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January – as I’m writing this blog, there’s more than a month to it – but considering the Christmas mania that starts around the end of November, it means that I’ll be having myself a Merry Little Christmas for quite a while.

*it’s obvious what I’ve been listening to ALL WEEK LONG, isn’t it?*

But here’s another thing you probably haven’t known – we don’t buy each other gifts for Christmas.

Instead, we buy each other gifts to mark the beginning of the New Year – though Santa Claus is in charge of those as well.

I remember when I was little and was first introduced to the concept of different people celebrating Christmas at a different time. Not only did the poor fella have to visit all the children around the globe at the same time on Christmas Eve, but he had to do the whole thing twice?

Didn’t make much sense to me – but as long as I got my baby dolls and the more-than-generous box filled with chocolates and sweets, I guess I was fine.

But as you grow older and the concept of Santa Claus becomes more and more distant, you kind of want your gifts to have more meaning.

And yes, it’s a cliché but if you’re looking for ways to make your gift slightly more meaningful, give someone a book this Christmas.

The best part here:

Everyone becomes slightly bookwormish when Christmas time hits the corner.

Not necessarily because they’re hardcore book fans through the year.

The thing is, winter days are gloomy and cold – it has literally been raining for a week straight now where I live.

You hate yourself each morning the alarm goes off – yes, you probably need your job – and the sun setting down by like, 4 PM, really, really helps no one. *thanks, daylight saving time*

So… chances are, you’ll reach out for a book or two more often – not that anyone wants to go outside and do something when it’s cold.


Since ‘tis the season to be jolly, I’ll skip the winter-makes-us-slightly-depressed part and focus more on the positive things in life.

That means, grab a book, add a warm blanket and tea, and you might’ve found yourself a way out of the winter blues.

Don’t forget to snap it so your Instagram feed gets into the festive mood as well. *hehe*

On top of that, since there isn’t really a better time to question major life choices and decisions – new year, new me type of thing – books might come to help and encourage you to make those brave decisions.

Or occupy your mind enough so you stop overthinking altogether.

Or just make your day a bit better than it already is.

So as you’re dashing through the uhh… stores picking gifts, stop by the bookstore and pick a few books out of there – both for you and your loved ones.

As the wonderful quote of Neil Gaiman goes:

Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them.

And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!

Next time, I’ll very likely talk about books and travelling and exploring – a nice way to finish off the year! Is there anything YOU would like me to talk about? Share with us in the comments and I’ll make sure to include it in some of my next posts!

One comment

  1. Ooo…you’ve got me feeling all Christmassy now!

    I completely agree though. I mean, seriously, what could possibly be better than curling up in front of the fire, with the Christmas lights twinkling away next to you, some tempting gifts under the tree, and a mug of something hot and steamy in your hand, all the while reading a good book?

    That’s heaven, that is!

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