An Affair With the Book Box Club

I’ve read a lot about book box subscriptions. I’ve seen the beautiful photographs of the boxes and the treasures they hide. I’ve watched unboxing videos of bookworms’ faces all lit up with joy, and I’ve done all these things with a quietly seething envy that is neither pretty nor fair. I mean, seriously, how awesome is it to receive a monthly box filled to the brim with books and bookish goodies? So I finally bit the bullet and ordered one of my own.

b79aa110b0874f398612d0c02331a215-2 (1)After a great deal of research, I went with The Book Box Club. Their website is rather beautiful, complete with a wonderful selection of previous boxes, clear and easy to navigate pages, a lovely introduction to the two ladies, Libby and Kate, who run it, and lots of blue (I quite like blue). They focus on YA too, which tends to feature quite heavily in my reading catalogue, so it seemed right up my street. In fact, the whole thing just feels warm, friendly, inviting, and of course – bookish!

How It Works

You sign up for a subscription – you can choose between rolling one-month, three-month, and six-month options – then each month, you’ll receive a box complete with:

  • A recently publishing YA book release
  • 4-6 bookish goodies
  • An invitation to a members-only online book group where you can chat with other members and with the featured author of the month.

There’s also a ‘purely books’ option too, which is the essentially the same but without the bookish goodies.

Subscription prices vary and, like everything, the larger the package you buy, the bigger the discount. I went with a one-month subscription initially, costing £27.99 per month including postage – not bad at all! Unfortunately, postage to France meant I had to pay an extra £12.50, which puts the price of the box at a total of £40.49 – a little less appealing than the initial price, and perhaps high enough to put me off buying one every month but that’s through no fault of theirs. International shipping costs money, and that’s all there is to it.

My Box of Joy

I ordered the box right at the beginning of the month, meaning that I had a while to wait before it arrived. Although that could be seen as a bad thing, it actually turned out really good, because I had forgotten all about it. When the package did arrive, it was an exciting surprise and I locked myself away in my office to open it in peace. Upon opening my box, I discovered:

  • The Memory Trees by Kali Wallace in hardback and with an autographed slip inside (it was beautifully giftwrapped too!)
  • An invitation to the exclusive book club along with an author interview, all rolled up into a cute little scroll
  • A scented ‘Heathcliff’ candle – inspired by the famous character and created by the Etsy shop Just Fribble
  • Beautiful bath salts from the Etsy shop The Glasgow Soap Company
  • A tea towel inspired by The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
  • The Little Book of Calm Colouring by David Sinden and Victoria Kay
  • A preview of some hot, up-coming, 2018 releases

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One of the things that I was worried about before it arrived was the price. Was it going to be worth the money? What if the goodies inside were not so good after all? What if they were just pieces of tat that I wouldn’t want?

I was worrying for nothing.

The value for money is fantastic, with the products inside the box being of high quality. Sure, they’re not all things I would pick for myself – the colouring book, for example – but it’s a beautiful, good quality product and I’m glad to have it all the same. The gifts inside the box are well choosen for their bookishness, tied into a neat little theme, and are extremely beautifully presented, making it all in all a great buy. I couldn’t wait to dig through this box when it arrived and now that I have, I can’t wait to dig through the next one either. 😉

So, do I think you should sign up to The Book Box Club? Yes, I absolutely do.

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