A Dose of Dijana: Following the Masses

If we humans want something more than anything else, then that’s probably one thing: to belong somewhere.

I mean, even if I’m the biggest hater when it comes to all things boring and regular, at the end of the day, I still fit in well with a particular group of friends.

The survival instincts in us make us follow the crowd – there’s a whole system in our brains that makes us do the same thing that everyone else around us is doing.

If you think about it, that’s how societies, countries, and well, even the human race, survived – by grouping and regrouping and sticking together. Well, most of the time really, except for times of war and extreme famine and plague but let’s look at the good side of life only.

The reason?

Very likely because we absolutely hate feeling lonely – so it becomes totally acceptable to follow the masses.

With the power of the all-mighty social media today, following the masses has never been easier – it’s called following the trends nowadays.

#and #you #got #to #use #hashtags #like #this #to #be #even #more #trendy

I’m joking – don’t be that annoying.

Anyway, sometimes, no matter how much we bookworms resist to modern trends, we still might fall victims to them – especially when it comes to books that are #trending.

Remember Potter mania?


But Rowling isn’t the only one who can make us go crazy.

For example, I can see that more than a few of my friends are eager to read Dan Brown’s Originnaturally, I want to read it now as well.

When I was translating Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You, I was well aware of the mass hysteria surrounding the book – and knowing how many people are going to read your words makes it all more exciting to work on!

Not proud of admitting this to the general public but I remember when Twilight first came out. Being in my teenage years, I and a good friend of mine were completely and fully bedazzled by the world of vampires.

I guess puberty hit wrong parts of me, huh?

Since the books in the series weren’t translated as fast as here and we were done reading the first part… well, something had to be done to satisfy our vampire appetite. Getting only a small taste of the vampire’s world wasn’t enough for two teenagers who obviously lost their mind at some point.

We somehow – SOMEHOW! – managed to find the e-book version of the complete Twilight series. Do you know how challenging that was in 2007?!

But there were no Kindles or smartphones or tablets back then – and we weren’t used to reading on our big computer screens!


I’ve always had the most genius – but also, pretty dumb – ideas.

Believe it or not, we actually printed out the remaining books of the series – like, on big, white A4 paper sheets. Yes, the ones you use to print you know, documents, files and what not… but not books.

Bonus – we printed one-sided pages only.

Can you imagine how many pages we ended up with?

A million, billion, gazillion pages of our own vampire world!

I could even sit on my Twilight series if I stacked all of my “books” together!

Our moms were so supportive, they even bought us cheap plastic folders to hmm… keep each book in its separate folder. You know, so the books wouldn’t fall apart.

Man, did it look ugly!

I think I even taped a werewolf picture on one of those folders!

*just a quick note to Stephanie Meyer that I DID NOT SELL nor reproduce those books – highly doubt that anyone apart from teenage Dijana would want a book in that format, thanks!*


However, it did what it was supposed to – allow us to follow with the worldwide vampire craze.

Do note that this was years ago – no online bookstores shipped to Macedonia – I don’t think we were even aware of the concept back then. I still used Internet Explorer and went online only to check my Yahoo e-mail inbox full of spam messages.

But you know what mattered the most?

We got what we wanted – we got to fit in with everyone else.

We were pretty hyped and excited about it – we talked about it for days!

And we still laugh about it today – how it made us feel like we’re on top of the world, how hilarious it all was, and what on Earth were we thinking!

However, it’s a good memory to have.

Because it made us happy back then – and it brings a smile on my face writing about it today. And you probably had quite a good laugh about it as well.

So my point here is – if following the masses makes you feel good about yourself, then do it.

If you’re happy pushing elbows in front of your favourite bookstore just to get a signed copy of your favourite writer – by all means, go for it, I’ll even hold your bag outside!

If you’re signing up to pre-download the first chapter of the book you’ve been waiting to read for months – do it! (I can even print it out for ya, hehe.)

Even if that means being ridiculous to yourself as well – it just might be well worth it in the end, as you’re bound to have either a good laugh about it or have some good time meanwhile.

Sure, I might often make fun of current trends – and of #people #who #write #like #this – but you’re free to do whatever brings a smile on your face.

True, don’t do it blindly – just because everyone is doing it – but if it makes your day even a tiny bit better, go for it!

Is there anything YOU would like me to talk about? Share with us in the comments and I’ll make sure to include it in some of my next posts!



  1. How very beautifully written.. It is so true that the littlest of joy and happiness derived from being in a group and enjoying what’s trending is actually what is life. It is a collective experience that we imbibe and preserve that goes on to be part of our personality in many ways..Please do check my blog priyaajit.wordpress.com .

  2. How true, I think that everything I do, apart from gardening, involves being in a group of some sort and most of those groups intersect at various points and i like belonging. Actuallly, even though I garden alone, when I visit the garden centre I naturally chat to others gathered round the reduced plant sections ( rescue centre ), we know we have something in common and we want to connect.

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