A Dose of Dijana: Snickers, Fuzzy Feelings, and (Non) Fiction Novels

Reading fiction books for me is as equally enjoyable as eating a Snickers.

Let me tell you why.

Snickers is the perfect mix of sweet and salty – which is the same as when you get to read both about the “good” and “bad” characters in each fictional story.

It’s covered with chocolate that’s neither too thick nor too thin – the best fiction novels of all times “wrap” everything up nicely. The story makes sense but the ending isn’t too obvious right from the start.

Last but certainly not least, the chocolate bar, which is obviously sent from heaven, has caramel in it – the oh-so-glorious plot twist that’s bound to happen in every story!

And when you bite into it, all of the unearthly flavors crammed with sugar explode in your mouth with the sole purpose of making you happy!


What can we all get from all of that, apart from the fact that I’m obviously hungry while writing this?

Oh, speaking of which, if any of you would like to ship me a box of Snickers for my efforts to make you laugh each first and third weekend of the month… let’s just say I may take your offer into consideration.

Why do we like all things sugary so much?

Because they make us feel good. At least for a while though.

But seriously now – same as a simple chocolate bar, a book with a good story can help you have a better day. As long as the story is captivating and you fall in love with characters, you’re very likely going to be cocooned away in a world much different than your current environment.

Your face is all smiles, content in the reassurance that you’re spending some time in a world that’s controlled to some extent – nothing bad can happen to you.

You feel nice and warm, and your heart gets filled with all sorts of fuzzy feelings whenever the two main characters kiss!

You can’t wait to turn to the next page… same as when you can’t wait to take the next bite of your chocolate bar. Either that or I really enjoy my Snickers bars.


However, here’s the sad truth:

For the past few years, I’ve been reading fiction books just as much as I’ve been eating Snickers.

Very, very rarely and in an extremely controlled environment – aka, when there’s someone around to tell me when I’ve had enough.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love reading fiction books! And boy, would I love a Snickers bar at the moment.

What I’m writing isn’t an excuse but apparently, this is what it means when they say life happened.

Fiction and I – same as Snickers and I – have somehow parted ways. At least I have a reasonable explanation on why I parted ways with sugars and carbs!

Most of the time nowadays, I spend my free time with my nose stuck in non-fiction books about well… everything.

I’m thirstily gulping down on digital marketing content – at least get some use of all that time spent on Instagram, huh?

I tend to my creative-but-goal-oriented-self by reading about witty ways of “selling benefits” and whatever else that would make potential customers happy.

On the completely opposite end of that, I somehow enjoy reading psychological books – books about the mystery of life and books about improving the quality of our own lives.

I love reading books that go a bit deeper under the surface of every human and that tend to the mind and body altogether. Books that explore every rational and irrational part of the human behavior – guys, I can scientifically back-up each and every single one of my meltdowns!



While all of that is great for the career-driven and rational adult in me, the child in me needs to feel fuzzy from time to time. Not rational – I feel the need to skip all of the reasonable explanations and all the hows and whys and just… read about something that isn’t logical.

And let me tell you, there are only so many ways books about digital marketing can make you feel but fuzzy ain’t one of them.

So – what do we do, the question is now?

Well, same as I treat myself to the occasional Snickers, I also treat myself with the occasional fiction book.

I don’t even care whether it’s a cheesy romance chick-lit where they break up and make up five times but somehow end up together. (here’s a confession: I felt so desperate to read something nice and fluffy, I ordered a book called Cornish Sky. I guess there are worse things in life, thank you very much).

I also couldn’t care less whether it’s a mystery thriller where the seven murders make absolutely no sense and the detective who solves them is… uhm, one fry short of a Happy Meal. *thinking of McDonald’s fries now*

It’s not that I’m dumb or that I find pleasure into reading something that won’t light up any new neural pathways in my brain….

It’s just that I as well get bored out of being rational and logical all the time – I am human after all.

The sensation of diving deep into a cozy little world filled with happy endings is what we all need sometimes.

And if fiction novels (no matter how non-sense your taste is), allow you to spend a day happy and content, then by all means – go for it!

Combined with one – or a few?! – Snickers bars, it could even allow you to discover the little things in life, the smallest of reasons to smile.

Because after all, life is all about the little things.

Next time, I’ll be talking about the way we imagine fictional characters – thanks for the suggestion, Mihail Dzotov! Is there anything YOU would like me to talk about? Share with us in the comments and I’ll make sure to include it in some of my next posts!


  1. A little bit of sugar never did anyone any harm 😉 I like to alternate between fiction and non-fiction, therefore allowing myself to learn and escape in equal measures lol

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