100 Word Wednesday: The Coup

“Do you think he noticed?” Benji murmured so as to hide the pre-pubescent squeak in his voice.

“Nope, no,” Izzy replied, her breath quickening. But she was wrong. He had noticed.

As Fred hobbled past, his head turned to stare with his mouth hung open. He’d never seen anything like it. At first, he’d been afraid of the guns. Well, he was still afraid of the guns, but now…now he was confused too. They were children, in body armour, stood on stilts, holding powerful weapons.

“It’s a coup.” Arthur’s bones creaked as he leaned over and whispered in Fred’s ear. “The children are finally taking over. We’ll be stuck in old-man camp before you know it.”

Thanks, Bikergurl, for the prompt and Izaak Standridge for the image. 


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