100 Word Wednesday: Ghost Town

She stepped tentatively out into the eerie silence of the city.

Well, this is a first, she thought as she cocked her head and squinted down the street, sure she would find an answer soon. Bright rays of sunshine forced their way through the gaps in the buildings and slathered the gravelly road with light.

She moved forward, slowly, uncertainly, inch by inch by inch, and listened to the sounds of her footsteps as they bounced around the empty buildings and echoed back to her. She’d never heard that before, at least not on this normally bustling street.

She grasped a tree, the rough bark scratching her skin, and let it support her weight as though the weight of what she was discovering was too much for her to bare.

“E…everyone’s…gone,” she whimpered into the silence.

Thanks, Bikergurl, for the prompt and Zachary Staines for the photo. 


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