A Dose of Dijana: On the Edge of Imagination – Books vs. Movies

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere,

once said the great Albert Einstein – or the Internet said he had. Whichever is true – though I’m assuming that the creator of the theory of relativity surely had a few words to say about imagination – I completely agree with that.

And what’s really imagination?

Is it that internal voice you had as a child that made you believe in pixie fairies and dragons breathing fire?

Is it the ability to create things out of nothing? Or is it the liberating feeling that everything is possible?


I like to think it’s exactly that feeling of freedom – though I wouldn’t say no to pretending I wear an invisible crown while sipping my coffee in the mornings. Actually, everyone has a lot of imagination as a child but once you grow up, the magic kind of… gets lost.

You stop hopping around because paths don’t take you to Oz anymore – we’re actually back to Kansas, Toto.

Your mud pies suddenly taste horrible – good luck not spoiling your stomach now with that half-baked thing you made in your Easy Bake Oven.

Your bad singing isn’t cute anymore – no amount of karaoke can convince people you’re the next Celine Dion now.

And the worst one of them all: you realize that Britney Spears wasn’t the best role model out there. Oh, come on, who had the time to read the lyrics back then anyway?

Well – all of that is called adulting nowadays and apparently, we all have to do it. *groans in pain*

However, I refuse to get trapped and stay inside the grownup’s world – it’s such a tedious place sometimes.


While I’m certainly no curious case as Benjamin Button, I find it extremely important to keep my imagination going – having it as an adult helps me create things like this. Apparently, some people find them funny. We bookworms have our childlike imagination as one of our strongest assets – how else would we be able to see everything we read about in our heads?

Talking about seeing things leads me to the ever-lasting debate between book-lovers and moviegoers. Are you one of those people who prefer watching the movie rather than reading the book?

It’s cool if you are, I’m not judging – there are some great movies out there based on books. In some cases, the movie has been so marvelously made that it became even more popular than the book itself!

Has anyone read the book about Forrest Gump? Probably not – but you sure cried a lot about Jenny at the end. Or did you know that Andersen’s Little Mermaid has a slightly different ending? I’m quite positive that ending didn’t include a singing crab (btw, I love that Sebastian guy: But first… we got to create… da mood).

If you ever read some of my past blogs, then you probably know about my never-ending love of Harry Potter. Have I ever told you I saw the movie first, got hooked, and it was only THEN I started reading the books? Actually, the movie took me to such an amazing world that I insisted on re-watching it; my grandpa took me 6 – I repeat, SIX times – to the cinema that week just so I could take a glimpse of the magic world of Harry Potter.


How dare I write about books vs. movies, right?

So while I really have nothing against movies and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is still something I’d gladly watch on Christmas Day, I’ll stick with the book side of things here. And not only because I’m writing on a blog about books, duh.


Because whenever I read, I feed my imagination.

Reading wakes up my inner child, lets her giggle and run around – reading lets my inner child be happy, and being happy makes the grown-up me even more creative. As someone who writes all sorts of texts on a daily basis, I can rarely allow myself the luxury of not having my imagination working at full capacity – come on now, those Instagram jokes don’t just happen out of nowhere.

At the end, I’m not saying movies are bad – it’s just that they’re the product of someone else’s imagination. As someone who likes doing things in their own (sometimes weird) way, I prefer seeing the world through my own imagination – I find it much more satisfying.

Dijana Boshkova is full-time writer and translator. In an effort to keep her eternal child up and running, she uses humour and wit to attack everyday routine.

Hailing all the way from Macedonia, Dijana will be here guest blogging twice a month. Next time, she’ll be talking about reading books in a foreign language. If you want to know more about her, check out her LinkedIn profile.

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