Guest Post: Book Junkies, Unite

Now I know I am late in the game, but it’s never too late to get high– high off reading, that is. Jojo Moyes, you put me in a hot air balloon and lifted me away with Me Before You.

Set in the land of British accents and old castles, Louisa Clark takes readers on a tale of adventure and love as she inconspicuously falls in love with the dashing, wheelchair-ridden version of Christian Grey (without all the kinkiness mind you). Will Traynor is the guy every girl wants. And I couldn’t help but want to find him in the real world. Louisa on the other hand, well, I just wanted to be her. She is the epitome of cuteness. Her relate-able lifestyle and quirky attitude connected with me as I am sure it did with many other readers.

I found myself waking up in the morning wanting to take on life the way that Louisa did. It was charming, her energy and desire give to Will a new outlook on life. You know what else was charming? The subtle romance throughout the novel. In today’s day and age, when two people want to go at it, well they go at it. It was refreshing to see old school love happening between the two. A subtle love that was reminiscent of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. In the age of instant gratification, Louisa and Will’s love took time to grow and when it did blossom, Moyes did a fabulous job encapsulating it, especially in the end. Not many writers can bottle up love and feed it to a reader. It’s always a gem when a book convinces you that something is so true you have no choice but to flip the page and figure out what will happen next.

So what if don’t cook dinner, so what if you fail to give the kids a bath, so what if you run out of tissues because you can’t stop the tears from flowing… Unfortunately, my busy life didn’t allow me to finish reading in one sitting. When I wasn’t reading, I noticed that after about halfway through the novel, I found myself walking around town, or driving to work, looking at the world around me with the eyes of Louisa. I was her. Her pain was mine, and I had a stake in whether or not I could make Will happy. That’s the kind of high that few books can deliver.

Now when the movie rolled around, I packed my snacks, snuck them into the theatre, 25041504and was pleasantly surprised with how well the directors delivered. The only thing missing was Ed Sheeran and his fitting album. (Castle on the Hill should have totally been the theme song for this film. Just sayin’). Anyways, if you are a hopeless romantic like moi, and have yet to read this novel, then my only question to you is front hand or back hand? I don’t like to slap people, but when I do, I like to offer the power of choice. Jojo, you have earned my slow clap. Now, can the same be said for After You? Stay tuned…

My name is Nadia El-Yaouti and I am a mother, middle school teacher, writer, and photographer (yes in that order). When I’m not working, you can find playing tourist across Europe or snorkelling the shallow depths of the Caribbean.

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