100 Word Wednesday: Nana

“I am not joining that queue,” he said. His head moved back into his neck to avoid the snake of people, and his eyes were wide.

“Of course you are,” she said, plodding forward matronly, handbag clasped in her hands in front of her.

“Nu-uh, no way.” He shook his heads and pursed his lips. “No way, José. It’s not happening.”

“Okay,” she said as she joined the never-ending queue and rooted herself to the spot. “Suit yourself. Do as you wish. See if I care.” She stared ahead, her scowl firm and her narrowed eyes immovable.

He paused, looking at her for a moment with the tilted head of consideration, before sidling sheepishly up beside her. “Or, you know, I could just join the queue,” he shrugged.

Thanks for the prompt and the photo, Bikergurl!


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