Poem: The Reader

They say you only have one life, that this is it for good,
But you can have so many lives, no matter where you’re stood.
This I know with a surety, I’ve had plenty more than that,
All because I am a reader; I’ve donned a literary hat.

My parents gave me my first life, but then set me afloat,
As with my mum, we sailed away, a wooden shoe our boat.
We had nets of silver and of gold, upon a sea of dew,

It was then I fell in love so true, with Wynken, Blynken, and Nod I grew.

Then there’s one from when I was young, about those nasty folk,
Twits by name and Twits by nature, every act a dreadful stroke,
They made pies with pretty birds, and caged the monkey Muggle-Wumps,
But they surely got their just-desserts; those horrid, ugly, loathsome lumps.

I’ve lived a thousand lives, you see, and been a thousand places.
I’ve pet a thousand dogs, you see, and seen a thousand faces.
I can see you roll your eyes, you know. I know you don’t believe me.
But it’s true, I tell you, true indeed; with books, you’re surely free.

There’s the one about the little man, who left his hobbit-home,
With his big feet, and a task at hand, a great distance we roam.
Around the world and back again, with magic and much more,
We met a wizard with a staff, and heard the dragon roar.

I could tell you ’bout the vampires, with their pointed, scary teeth,
Who fought amongst themselves so hard, doing as they please.
With fear and fire and child vampires, we’re full of strife and grief,

And as this life ends another begins, I breathe a sigh of relief.

I’ve lived a varied life, you see, been everywhere and then some.
When I think I’ve seen it all, you see, I see more and I’m struck dumb.
I know you think it doesn’t count, when the adventure’s on the page,
But I tell you now and I tell true, these lives are lives for every age. 

There was a boy who was a wizard, from his closet he did creep,
And from his miserable Dusrley life, we made one great big leap.
We made good friends and fought off evil, an exciting life for sure,
A bunch of lives that cry and rattle to be let out of the drawer!

And of course there was the blue-haired girl, with her monstrous family,
Who she loved so much she worked so hard to avenge so verily. 
And in the course of her revenge, an enemy we met,
A gorgeous, handsome, kindly man; her appetite was whet!

There’s much more than you know, you see, or that’s even known by me,
For you, it’s like a dream, you see, or something on TV.
It’s easy for you to join me though, just jump between the covers,
And see the wars, the fantasy, the adventurers and lovers. 

There was the girl who was so ill, she felt so close to death,
But then she met the boy who mouthed ‘okay’ with his sweet breath.
He brought her back to life so true, and to Amsterdam we go,
Until the tale took a tragic turn, and we’re left so full of woe.

And there’s no forgetting those magicians, so proper and delightful,
Who for the English government, they became so very insightful.
But like all lives I’ve lived so far, this one was not without its worry,
With wars and battles and the Raven King, I read in such a hurry.

With all these lives I’ve claimed as mine, I live like forty kings!
You may say that I’m a dreamer, that I haven’t lived these things,
But that’s surely where you are wrong you see, you simply don’t divine
I was there as plain as you are here, reading upon this very line. 

These lives I’ve shared with you today, they barely scratch the surface,
There’s been so many more, you see, and they take so little to get purchase.
I know without the tiniest doubt, that I have many lives to come,
So why don’t you just join me? Grab a book, my dear old chum!

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