Bookish Bonus Material

You know that feeling when you’ve finished reading a book that you loved? I mean, really really loved? That feeling of deep sadness and loss, that kind of hung-over feeling of bewilderment. What are you meant to do with your life now? What’s happened to Jill/Bob/character-name-of-your-choice? It’s a kind of blown-away, ‘I can’t believe I found this magnificent thing only to have it end so soon’ feeling. It’s the holy grail of reading, that feeling. It’s the elusive thing that we’re all searching for and only come across once in a blue moon. It’s something all bookworms crave and fear at the same time. It’s bloomin’ awesome.

Short of haranguing the author into writing a sequel, the best way to treat that feeling and make the awesomeness of a book go on just that little bit longer is with bonus material. I love bonus material in all books but when it’s a book I’ve really loved, a sheaf of bonus material is like a cherished thing, something to be held sacred. Something to be devoured. Bookish bonus material rocks.

Some of my favourite things to see are interviews with the author, book club questions, teasers for upcoming books, and deleted scenes. When I re-release John Sharpe, I plan on including a whole host of bonus material in the back, including original artwork, background information on the characters, and some more in-depth details about Underworld itself. I’ve already compiled a lot of this and put it into one big ‘Underworld’ folder.

What do you think about bonus material books?


  1. Honest answer is I am in two minds Riley; I think I prefer to read a book and finish at The End.
    The interviews, Q & A etc seem more appropriate for a web site or social media platform, which I would find if I wanted to know more about the author. I don’t think I’ve ever been tempted by a teaser, more likely felt cheated because I thought there were several chapters left, only to discover the ‘adverts.’
    That’s probably where I’m going wrong! Hope it works out well for you. 😀

    1. Ah yeah, I’ve had that ‘cheated’ feeling before, I know where you’re coming from.
      I really enjoy the interviews etc. at the end of a book. With the best intentions in the world, I will forget to look them up if they are on a website. It just goes to show how much variety there is in what people like.

      Actually, I don’t think I got it across very well in the blog post, but the bonus material I plan on putting in my book is not so much author-related stuff but extras directly related the story. For example, a fictional newspaper article about the events, or character bios/interviews, or perhaps a ‘deleted scenes’ type section. I haven’t fully decided yet, but it will be more bits about the book and the characters than about me.

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