Short  Story: The Village

Somewhere far, far away, hidden in the depths of the Earth, is a village that very few people know about. It’s a rather special village indeed, and it has a rather peculiar name. It’s called Evry Village.

It’s a tiny, unassuming little place. In fact, if  you were to accidently come across it – although it’s very unlikely you would – if you were to come across it, you wouldn’t think that there was anything special about it at all. The gardens are well-kept and the streets are well-swept, the neighbours are friendly and the children are happy. The cats and dogs are clean and kind too. If you were to come across it, everyone would behave perfectly normally, as though they were merely a pleasant, simple community. But every Evry inhabitant, from the tiniest kitten to the boys and girls and the oldest of the grown-ups too, they all know the truth about Evry Village. For Evry Village has a secret, and what a very special and rather delightful secret it is.

If you were  to walk through to the middle of the village, past the Evry houses and onto Evry Village Green, you’d find all the normal places that you’d find in a normal village.  There’s Evry town hall, where Mayor Major conducts Evry town meetings, and Evry police station, where PC Bob solves all the mysteries. You’d find Evry post-office, where old Mrs Spectre sorts through the mail, and Evry pub, where Sir Drink-a-Lot gets steadily more drunk. You’d even find Evry school, where Miss Scholar teaches little Petey and Mia and Freddie and Jen all the things they need to know.

Would you like to know the secret of Evry too? I bet you would. Well I’ll tell you the secret of Evry, but I need you to listen very carefully. Come in close, I can only whisper. Closer. Closer. Now listen carefully and listen true. Open your heart and mind.

Evry Village’s secret is that it’s much, much bigger than it seems. And it’s much, much bigger than it seems because  Evry Village is actually the door to the whole world and Evry’s inhabitants are its gatekeepers, right down to the littlest boys and girls.  Even the cats and dogs help, in their own special way.

The clue’s in the name, you see.  Evry Village. Every. Evry town hall is a portal to every town hall in all the world – the town hall there, the town hall here, even the town hall where you are right now. Just step through the door of Evry town hall and Mayor Major, stood straight and tall in his smart uniform, can direct you the rest of the way. Talk to Sir Drink-a-Lot with his bright red nose, and he’ll help you get to any pub that you want  – for a price of course, and he’ll talk you into taking a tipple with him first.

Miss Scholar at the school is a reverred traveller. She’s been all over the world, hopping from school to school, making sure to give the children in each place a quick lesson first. She never gives away Evry’s secrets of course, unless she finds a truly special child who can handle the truth, or occasionally a very special adult, but that’s rare because grown-ups soon lose their ability to believe in mysterious secrets like those at Evry. The adults, she says, are blinded by the drudgery of work and rules and a lack of fun. She’ll tell you all about the world, our lovely soft-spoken Miss Scholar, and maybe even take you on a school trip or three.

Mrs Spectre, old and withered though she is, will help you get word to anyone in the world, and she knows how to deliver a package in double-quick time. Even PC Bob does his bit, liaising with officers in every police station and helping to catch the bad guys, all with a jolly laugh and a doughnut in hand.

It’s all these people, along with the others who live and work there,  who protect Evry Village from…well…every village and every town and every city and everyone who might possibly mean any harm to the world and all the wonderful people in it, all the boys and girls, mums and dads, aunts and uncles and grandparents too.

And it’s all these people – Mayor Major, PC Bob, Mrs Spectre, Miss Scholar, and Sir Drink-a-Lot too – that might be, right now, in a village near you. But whatever you do, don’t let them know that you know their secret, because they’ll deny it straight away and quickly return to Evry for fear of being exposed. Instead, keep a close eye, listen very carefully, and be very very good, and they might – just might – start taking to you.

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