Monday Feels…In Love with Technology

ambulance-24405_960_720I know I’ve talked about my connection with technology before, but it really became apparent again this week (or should I say, this fortnight), when my laptop had to visit the little computer hospital. That’s right, the little ambulance came and everything (at least, it did in my slightly deranged and wonky mind – in reality, I just carried my poor baby down the street to the shop). The computer doctor was very nice. He worked very hard (if, admittedly, a little slowly) and he’s done a truly marvellous job. Stitched her up like new, he did. Cleaned her inside and out. He’s my favourite doctor now. The fortnight that has just gone by though…boy was that tough!

Here I sit all broken hearted…2000px-Broken_heart.svg

It’s funny how emotionally connected that we can get to an inanimate object. Losing my laptop, even for such a short amount of time, genuinely affected my mental well-being. I was depressed, I was miserable, I was bored, I was lost. I didn’t know what to do with myself. That irritated me and I took it out on my family – and so, in effect, the damage to my laptop affected their mental well-being too! Quite impressive for a bunch of circuits and components…

The Personification of ‘Puters

…Except, it’s more than that, isn’t it? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that my beautiful laptop is in any way alive and it is absolutely a bunch of circuits and components but it’s much more than that too, isn’t it? Is the sum worth more than its parts?

2007_broken_computer_347361369Silly question. Of course it is! This laptop, it’s my means of earning. It’s also there for fun – writing or playing silly games. It’s a way to keep up to date on current affairs. It’s entertaining and educational. It’s one way in which I socialise and talk to friends too, keeping in touch with those who I perhaps wouldn’t contact otherwise. It’s a way for me to promote my business. It’s a means of communicating with my family – those in the same country as me as well as those back home; it means that I can see what they are up to. It’s my yellow pages, my dictionary, my encyclopaedia, and my library. It’s my pub, my nightclub, my news channel, and my business directory. It’s my family phone call, my job, my hobby, and my life. Rightly or wrongly, it’s my everything, all neatly stuck together into one tidy case.

True Love

What’s even stranger is that for the latter part of my laptop’s hospital stay, I had a temporary laptop. I could do all the above things on that laptop and it was great, it really was, but when my girl finally came home and lit up her screen with pride, a wave of relief flooded through me and I realised that, temporary replacement or not, I had missed my laptop in a weirdly profound way. It made a difference, not only to my day-to-day life, but to my mental and emotional state too – and that…well that is just weird.

Had you asked me a month ago how deeply losing my laptop would affect me, I would have laughed. It’s just a thing, after all – a thing that can be easily replaced. But ask me that same question now? Hmmm…I’m really not so sure!


Ps. Thank you, Pixabay, for your wonderful pictures. I love you too. 

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  1. I just had a vision of a poor little ‘puter,’ all wrapped up in a gown and being transported off to the ‘orsepiddle.
    I cried buckets when my baby with Windows 95 (permission to laugh now) was sent off to the great web in the sky so I totally understand your loss. I agree with all your thoughts about news, work, hobby, family, business etc. The only thing missing on mine is ‘The pub.’ Where can I get the app to download free-flowing wine? 😀 x

    1. lol yeah, that’s pretty much what it looked like! My poor little thing. And hey, I won’t laugh at Windows 95 – it was the best thing since sliced bread at one point!

      As for the free-flowing wine app…hmmmm…haven’t found one yet I’m afraid. Of course, I live in a pub so for me, it’s easy!

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