Short Story: Blue

Everything is blue, but it’s not one block of blue.
There are lots of different blues, in every single hue.

I’m trapped inside a sapphire, or so it seems to me,
and I simply cannot bear it, so the doctor I did see.

“Please doc, everything is blue, from my toes up to my head.”
“Well that’s an easy fix. You can see a therapist,” he said.

I fidgeted and cried: “Or maybe an optician would be better?”
“An optician?” he asked, and then murmured to himself: “I’m not sure I quite get her.”

“Because I see everything in blue,” I cried. “Sky blue, baby blue, navy blue, and indigo.”
But he just laughed and shrugged me off, so to an optician on my own I go.

“Read the letters from the chart,” she said.
“Blue H, blue Q, blue P, blue A,” I read.

“Just the letters, nothing else,” she said, not looking much amused.
“But they are all blue, that’s what I see,” I cried, feeling rather bruised.

I damn near screamed: “Ocean blue, peacock blue, denim blue, and teal.”
She took away the testing board and looked at me with eyes of steel.

So next I tried the therapist, for perhaps the doc was true.
“Please lady therapist,” I said, “everything is blue.”

“Why are you so sad?” she pondered, and that is when I knew,
That even my emotions were a tinted shade of blue.

“Everything I see is blue,” I said, “and not one person will believe me.
“At first I thought it was  pretty, as it looks just like the sea,

“Waves dashing: duck egg, stone blue, cobalt, and azure.
But now I want my colours back, I miss them all for sure.”

“Well that’s an easy fix,” she said as she wrote the prescription slip.
And with the joy of a solution, there was a quiver upon my lip.

“Take off those blue-tinged glasses that you insist upon your wearing,
“That’s why you see the blue, it’s so obvious it’s glaring!”

I stared at her, all open-mouthed, as I realised the truth.
I had been wearing blue-tinted glasses for the entirety of my youth!

So I took off these old glasses and the real world I did see.
They’re right, it’s not all blue. It’s actually all green – just like a great big pea!

Thanks to Shareen Mansfield, who sent me the writing prompt ‘blue’ on Twitter!



  1. Totally daft, in a serious sort of way. 😀 Love it.
    Would make a great series, red=angry, yellow=sunshine, black=doom and gloom, mauve = ?
    Now you’ve got my imagination working overtime. Great stuff Riley. x

    1. Mauve? How about calm? A series is a great idea and I’m glad I’ve got you thinking 😉

      Oh, and you know me, I love a bit of daftness! Thanks for your comments 😀

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