Introducing: Interviews!

Interviews are going to become a bi-monthly feature here on Authordom and not just author interviews either – we’ll have reader interviews too!  Reading books, writing books, and writing about books are some of my favourite ways to pass the time but listening to other people talk about books can be just as exciting!  That’s why I’ve decided to do one author interview and one reader interview each month.  They’ll be light, they’ll be fun, but they’ll be interesting and informative too.  This is what you can expect and how you can get involved:

Author Interviews

download (1)I will read and review at least one book by each author I interview.  The questions I ask will be designed specifically for the author and their work, and will likely be about writing in general, about their particular books or characters, and about their reading habits.

I’ll send a short list of questions for authors to answer in their own time and once I receive the answers, I’ll ask a few follow-up questions or request clarity on some points.  The last part of the interview will be a ‘quick-fire’ round: about a minute’s worth of short, sharp, and sometimes silly questions that are just a bit of fun.

For each author interview, I’ll provide a small biography of the author and their work, plus links to reviews and where you can buy their books.

The first author interview will be at the end of this month!

Reader Interviews

Structured in much the same way as author interviews, the purpose of reader interviewslego_starwars_sandtrooper_reading_a_book_by_sidious66-d4o2bjt is to connect to other readers and have fun talking about books!  Readers will have a chance to talk about themselves and their reading habits, their favourite books and authors, and what reading means to them.  There will be a list of questions that the reader can choose from, followed by a few follow-up questions and a fun ‘quick-fire’ round.  It can be a great way to promote your blog or website if you’ve got one, and I will read and review any books that you recommend to me.  I will even write a short story on the topic of your choice if you like!

The first reader interview will be this week!

Interviews can take place through any medium you feel comfortable: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Skype, or whatever you prefer.  I’m pretty easy going with that sort of thing!

Whilst I won’t change any of your answers, they may be edited slightly for the purposes of the blog – e.g. length.  Don’t worry though, you get final approval once all the edits are made and the thing is put together!  If you’re not happy with it, it won’t get published.

I already have a few people lined up for both author and reader interviews but getting new people on board would be great!  You could even do an author interview one month and a reader interview the next if you really wanted to!  If it’s something you think you’d like to get involved in (either as an author or a reader or both), or if you’ve got a book you’d like me to review, contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or via email:

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