Sunday Morning Round-Up: Prisons, Dragons, and a Bit More Harper Lee

Your one-stop shop for the week’s most interesting bookish news and reviews…coming to you this week from the beautiful French countryside.

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Prison Book Ban OverturnedSteveLambert-Library-Book-Cart

The controversial ban that saw the number of books that a prisoner could possess is set to be overturned due to the ‘importance of education for prisoners’ this week.  The original ban was part of a crackdown on ‘perks and privileges’ and restricted the number of books that were sent to prisoners by friends, family, or charities.  What’s funny, though, is that Michael Gove and his lot didn’t consider the education of prisoners as important until a High Court Judge deemed the policy unlawful last year!

Fantasy is So Last Year

Do 58480760you think that fantasy and dystopia in YA novels are over?  Are you fed up with the monsters, magic, and miracles?  If so, you may not be the only one.  The Guardian this week published a piece about why fantasy is finished, and why realism is the next big thing in young adult fiction.  Whilst the article is interesting, I’m not so sure.  You can give me dragons and witch-craft over real life any day! request-Fantasy-monsters-and-creatures-2015070334

Go Set A What Now?

It’s still going, the hype over Harper Lee’s new novel, Go Set a Watchman.  Released this week, articles and reviews are flooding in from all over the world and the reaction?  Well, not quite as positive as first anticipated.  It hasn’t stopped people buying it of course, what with over 100,000 sales on release day but many have lamented over the fact that Atticus Finch demonstrates racist tendencies throughout this second book.  Does it really matter though, and does that truly affect the enjoyment of the book?  One thing’s for sure: all this excitement is not likely to die down any time soon, especially with rumours that there may even be a third book lurking…

A Happy Harper Lee
A Happy Harper Lee

And for the fun link of the week:  A Letter to a Bookworm’s Lover

Buzzfeed’s 28 Things Every Bookworm Wants Their Partner to Know is actually only 23 bookwormthings, but it’s still a fun read – and yes, it’s mostly true!

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