On My Neglectful and Fickle Mind

Looking at the date of the last post, it seems that perhaps a list of things I’ve started and not finished would be apt to write today!  But no, positivity is the order of the day. There are changes in the air…

The Cess-Pool of Stagnation

Confidence and Paranoia have been in hiding, it seems, for the last few years; I’d almost forgotten about their existence.  Not completely, but almost.  Perhaps, when the ‘every-day’ butts in and takes over, you forget about the ups and downs that give life that glitter and sparkle to keep things interesting.  But without the peaks and troughs, life is stagnant.  It is dullness and indifference and stupor.  But one thing’s for sure: I’m not quite ready to flat-line just yet.

Riding the Rollercoaster

So this week, when the ‘every-day’ buggered off and left me to re-discover those two old friends of mine (Confidence, of course, and Paranoia), I climbed back on the rollercoaster and let them take me through a comfortable old world of certainty and doubt, swirling amongst each other in some sort of contradictory whirl-pool of deligCover Art by I. Solowykht.

It’s been an exciting week indeed.  Confidence has been abound this week, what with the release of my novella, John Sharpe: No. 1,348.  He can’t believe his luck – “you did it,” he says.  “Now onto the next one.  There’s nothing stopping you now!”  He’s right too, I’ve done what I set out to do – get my book onto paper, then get it published.  I’m happy, for now, to see where this path leads me.

Paranoia, meanwhile, sneers from his corner, unable to batter me down right now – although he still throws in the odd “you’ve still got to promote it and you’re crap at that stuff” and the occasional “people are laughing at you, you know – those acquaintances and half-friends that you added to the Facebook page.  They’re laughing at how are silly you are to believe you could do this”.   Whether he’s right or wrong, only time will tell but for now, I’m content to let Confidence poke him the eye and giggle with glee.

A Note of Thanks

Of course, it’s not all me and Confidence.  So many people have helped me get to this point.  My mum, who painstakingly proof-reads and edits my work (and tells me in no uncertain terms when something is no good!).  My husband, too, who also has a great knack at poking Paranoia in the eye when I need him to, and who has worked tirelessly to help with promotion.  Over this week too, I’ve been completely over-awed by the kindness and overall good-will of people I’ve never met – fellow writers and aspiring authors, people who’ve been there and done it and are willing to help for nothing but a thank you and a small slice of gratitude.

Onwards and Upwards

So whilst we wait with (sort-of) patience and (almost) bated-breath to see whether John Sharpe will be a success (and even just a teeny, tiny success would be nice), I’m itching to get started on my next book.  Mr McCavity tells me that he is ready for another airing, and my (potentially) new favourite character Una Plumb is screeching to be shown to the world, like the eccentric and slightly loopy lady that she is (think plumage for Plumb, and add some cats-eye glasses.  Throw in a mischievous grin and a gleeful giggle.  That’s right, you’ve got the picture).

In fact, characters of all kinds are desperate to get out of this slightly demented head of mine, climbing up my throat and through my fingers, clambering out and over my cerebral cortex, growing in size as they get closer to the exit point, ready to spill their beings all over the page.

Oh dear.  That sounds terribly unpleasant but I promise you, it’s not.  It’s exciting, it’s like a drug.

The Future as it will Be

In the spirit of all this excitement and possibility, I’ve decided that I need to make some promises – and publicly, so that I can’t worm out of them only to regret it another two years down the line.  So…

I hereby solemnly swear (I’m doing the Scouts thingy with my hand, I promise) to:

  1. Not let the ‘every-day’ make me lose my way again.
  2. To update this blog at least once a week (if anything, to help with no. 1)
  3. To share updates and promotions and sneaky-peeks at the next book on my Facebook page.
  4. To let these characters crawl out from where-ever they are hiding and let them tell their stories – no matter how many stories that may be.
  5. To continue to encourage Confidence to kick Paranoia’s goolies, especially when Paranoia is trying to smother me.

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