The Art of Writing; or Writing as Art

Forget the Kindle, or the Kobo.  The latest stylish book trend is sweeping its way through the world: Spineless Classics.


There comes a time when you’ve got to admit that you simply have no more room for books.  Or do you?  With a Spineless Classic, your walls could be lined with books of a different sort – the arty sort.


These posters are printed with the entire book text, albeit in tiny 4-point font (small but legible).  Words are shaped around an inverse shadow of a related image to create a work of art – both figuratively and literally.


They were originally designed by one Carl Pappenheim (pictured above), a Londoner who created the first one as a gift for his mother and now sells them all around the world.  


All that’s left to do now is to work out how many I can fit on my walls…


For more information, or to purchase one of these beauties, visit

All images taken from Spineless Classics Press Release, June 2013

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